Roath Park Autumn

Squirrels, ducks, swans and #SnowDogs – Must be #RoathPark in the Autumn @tyhafan

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The trees are turning red and brown, their leaves flutter down to the ground. No matter what the time or year, Roath Park in the centre of Cardiff, is a magical place to visit, especially at the moment with the addition of the Ty Hafan Snow Dog guarding the lighthouse.

Snow Dog From Ty Hafan in Roath Park Cardiff

Take the path leading away from the lake to enter a beautiful park and have the most lovely walk. Squirrels are in abundance, leaping, hopping, foraging and burying their autumn goods. Everywhere you look you’ll see our little furry friends scurrying across the grass, paths and up the trees.

Walking towards the greenhouse (which incidentally still only costs £2 for adults to enter) you can take advantage of some wonderful scenery, including the stream and mini waterfalls that cascade down towards the lower parks near Penylan. Surrounded by autumnal changing colour of the trees and the sound of the flowing water, you are in the  middle of an idyllic sanctuary.

Roath Park stream autumn

Of course no visit to this wonderful park is complete without going for a walk around the lake. The cygnets are growing into fine adults, just in time for the oncoming winter. Food  to feed the swans and other birds is available for 50p from the cafe, hut or greenhouse. Better than bread, cheaper than chips, they love this stuff!

Geese and Swans in Roath Park Cardiff

Autumn is definitely here and whilst it’s tempting for us to wrap up and stay indoors, please don’t forget the birds at our most loveliest of parks.

The snow dogs are part of the TY Hafan charity fundraising event which are appearing all over Cardiff and runs until the 26th of November. Models of the snow dogs can be bought in Ty Hafan charity stores.